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5 Competitors per profile
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What our clients are saying


“Super easy, love that you can just enter a website and it populates valuable information!”

Gianna Johnson

What our clients are saying


It is mind-blowing!

Sebastian Gregg

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Frequently asked questions

Do I get a free trial?

Yes! Teammate has an unlimited 14-day trial during which you can experience the full benefits of the platform.

How does Teammate work?

It’s simple. You just need to share your website (or any website) URL and Teammate will use adaptive learning to analyze your business, customer preferences, and competitors' strategies to suggest creative marketing ideas and strategic guidance to enhance business decisions over time.

How is Teammate different from Chat GPT?

Teammate offers a more convenient and efficient way of managing your business information. Instead of manually inputting instructions and details every time, it stores the information and uses its own "memory of you" to provide tailored solutions for specific areas of your business. With continuous learning, its ability to give you accurate answers improves over time, making it an invaluable tool for your business.

Who is Teammate for?

Teammate is for everyone who runs or works at a company. It can help founders, sales reps, and marketing people think of new ideas and find new opportunities to grow their businesses.

Does Teammate use Chat GPT?

Yes, Teammate uses the OpenAi API (Chat GPT module). It also uses proprietary software and prompts to generate optimized business guidance. It has a sweet combination of other tools to improve the quality of the result.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Access to your account will be suspended. Your account information will not be deleted, but you’ll need to activate your subscription to regain access to your information.